Classroom Guidance Magic: Spark Student Growth with Your Best Classroom Guidance Ever

Welcome to Classroom Guidance Magic! In this free course, I’ll walk you through the steps I take to make classroom guidance effective, engaging, and flat-out magic.

Part 1: Introduction

2 steps to take before you dive in:

  1. Download the workbook so you can write down your big ideas and break-throughs.
  2. Join the Classroom Guidance Magic Facebook group to collaborate with other counselors who want to take their classroom guidance to the next level!

Part 2: Planning

You’re not a DJ and TRL is over.

Quick Links:

  1. Teacher Needs Assessment
  2. Parent Needs Assessment
  3. Minute Meeting Google Form (just an example. You’ll need to create your own Google Form to be able to see results)

Analyze & Synthesize

Quick Links:

  1. ASCA Standards
  2. CASEL Standards

Hook ‘Em

Lectures Stink

Hands-On Practice

Meaningful Takeaways

All About that Debrief

Part 3: Bring the Magic!

Everyone Loves a Theme

Ditch the Desks

Get it Stuck in Their Heads

Make Your Plan

Make Your Plan!

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