5 Places to Observe Students Before Group Counseling

Planning for group counseling? These are 5 places that I do group counseling observations before starting group! Get ready for group counseling sessions in school counseling by prescreening and observing students. Small group counseling is great for tier 2 interventions in school counseling, and observing students before group can help school counselors plan for group counseling! -Counselor Keri

Before starting group counseling, I like to observe students at school. I do this to get a feel for if group is a good fit for students, but I also do it it get a glimpse into how they’re doing with attention/focus, self-directed learning, self regulation, and peer interactions. I observe students in 5 different settings, depending on the skills we’ll be focusing on in group to get a better understanding of how they’re doing right now. Keep reading to […]

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