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Fun & Meaningful Kindergarten Friendship Social Skills Activities

Social skills and friendships are the cornerstone of Kindergarten! All of our students are entering Kindergarten at different levels with different experiences with social skills and friendships, and some of our newest students may need a little extra, targeted instruction in the ways of making meaningful friendships. Keep reading to find 8 fun, engaging Kindergarten friendship activities that you can use in your small group counseling lessons! Kindergarten Friendship Activities 1 – Anatomy of a Friend What makes up a […]

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Kindergarten Social Skills Activity: Teaching Kids How to Share

Wondering how to teach kids to share? Give this social skills small group activity a try to focus on 4 main principles of sharing!

Some of our new Kindergarten friends aren’t used to sharing supplies or toys and have a hard time with this during free choice time or at any time when there are materials to share! In the past, I’ve overheard adults say things like, “You need to learn to share!” and while this might be true, the statement itself doesn’t really address the lagging skill. Instead of pointing out what students are doing wrong, we can work in smaller groups to […]

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Essential Social Skills for Kindergarten Success

Kindergarten is a big transition for kids! Practice these 8 Kindergarten social skills that contribute to school and social success. These social skills activities are perfect for Kindergarten and first grade school counseling groups. Social skills group counseling activities for kids!

Kindergarten is a big transition for kids! The expectations are new, and some of the social interactions are new, especially for students who didn’t attend pre-Kindergarten programs. We want kids to share, take turns, make transitions, and so much more (all while learning new academic concepts as well). To help kids make the transition, we practice these 8 Kindergarten social skills that contribute to school and social success! Kindergarten Social Skills 1 – Sharing This Kindergarten social skill probably seems […]

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Social Filter Books: Teach Kids About Thinking Before They Speak

Looking for social filter books for kids? These titles will help kids learn to think before they speak to consider others' feelings.

In the elementary setting (and let’s be honest…. middle and high school as well), social filtering is an important skill that school counselors and teachers are constantly teaching and reinforcing. Helping students understand that not all thoughts need to be shared aloud and that words have the power to harm or heal is critical for friendship, conflict resolution, and so much more. Check out these favorite social filter books from my school counseling shelf that help kids build this important […]

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10 Problem Solving Skills for Kids

Looking for Problem Solving Skills for Kids? Check out these 10 skills that students can develop in the classroom!

Problem solving is an important life skill for kids across social and academic domains. It helps children develop critical thinking skills and can help them to better handle challenges they may face in their lives. School counselors are in a unique position to help young students develop problem solving skills, and this post provides a list of 10 problem solving skills for kids that you can integrate into your counseling sessions. Problem Solving Skills for Kids Brainstorming – This is […]

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5 Easy Ways to Encourage Self Control Skills

Self Control Skills in the Classroom: Find 5 easy ways to encourage self control skill building in the classroom! These self control activities are easy to apply in classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling sessions, and individual counseling sessions.

Teaching children the valuable skill of self-control is essential for their future success. It helps kids learn to regulate their emotions, make better decisions, and think before they act. But teaching kids about self-control isn’t always easy. So, how can school counselors help? Keep reading to find 5 easy ways to encourage self control skills in the classroom. Self Control Skills in the Classroom 1 – Model Self Control Just like adults, children learn from what they see. If a […]

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Developing Cooperation Skills in the Classroom

Teach Cooperation Skills: Keep reading to find 3 easy ways to help students build cooperation skills in the classroom.

Cooperation skills are an essential part of any successful classroom. They help students learn how to work together and understand each other’s perspectives. In addition, collaboration skills promote respect among classmates and foster meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime. Here are three ways school counselors can teach cooperation skills in the classroom. Teach Cooperation Skills in the Classroom 1 – Encourage Teamwork Teamwork is one of the most important cooperation skills for children to learn. Teamwork teaches students to […]

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5 Essential Communication Skills for Kids

Communication Skills for Kids: find 5 essential skills for kids to develop through counseling activities at school. These communication activities and skills are perfect for school counseling lessons, small group counseling lessons, and individual counseling sessions.

As school counselors, we know that the ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills a child can have. In order to achieve success in school and beyond, children must be able to express themselves clearly, confidently, and respectfully. Here are five essential communication skills that help kids succeed at school: Communication Skills for Kids 1 – Listening Skills Listening is an essential part of all effective communication. Encourage your students to listen carefully before they […]

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How to Teach Kids Empathy Skills in the Classroom

Want to Teach Kids Empathy Skills? Read more to find 5 tips for encouraging empathy skill building in the classroom. These activities are great for school counseling classroom lessons, small group counseling lessons, and individual counseling sessions.

As school counselors, we know how important it is to teach our students empathy skills. A lack of empathy can lead to bullying and other negative behaviors, which can be damaging to a student’s self-esteem and sense of security. Fortunately, there are several things we can do in the classroom to help our students develop empathy skills. Here are five tips to teach kids empathy skills at school. In a hurry? Get all of my empathy counseling activities here. Teach […]

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5 Ways to Encourage Responsibility Skills at School

Want to teach kids responsibility skills at school? Check out these 5 tips for encouraging responsibility at school!

As school counselors, we know that teaching responsibility skills to students is an important part of their academic success. It’s these skills that will help them become successful in their lives, both now and in the future. Here are five tips to teach responsibility skills at school. Teach Responsibility Skills at School Tip #1: Model Responsible Behavior The best way to teach children responsibility skills is to model responsible behavior! When you overtly demonstrate responsible behavior, you set a positive […]

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