3 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Respect

Teaching kids to show respect is no easy task – it can feel like such a huge concept! We can demystify what it means to be respectful or show respect through active learning in school counseling! Keep reading to find 3 easy ways to teach kids about respect.

Teach Kids About Respect

Want to Teach Kids About Respect? Find 3 fun and easy to implement ways to encourage respectful practices in counseling lessons.

1 – Role-Playing

One of the best ways to teach students about respect is through role-playing activities. For example, have students act out different scenarios in which someone needs to show respect (e.g., someone is new in class, someone is sharing about their culture, or people disagree on a topic). Once they’ve acted out these scenarios, discuss what each character did well and what they could have done differently. This will help them understand how their behavior affects others and how they should act in similar situations in real life.

2 – Storytelling

Another great way to teach kids about respect is through storytelling. Have the students come up with their own stories about showing respect or being respectful at school. Allow each student to share their story with the group and discuss why it was important for them to act respectfully in that situation. Then, encourage open dialogue and critical thinking by asking questions like, “How do you think your story would be different if you hadn’t been respectful?”

3 – Games

Respect games are a great way to get kids engaged and excited about learning about respect. Games like “Simon Says” or “Follow The Leader” can be adapted for teaching students about respecting authority figures and peers alike. Additionally, these types of games also help build teamwork skills which are essential for creating an environment where everyone feels safe and respected.

Showing respect is an important life skill that all children should learn early so they know how to treat others with kindness and consideration. With some creativity and effort, school counselors can use fun activities like role-playing, storytelling, and games to help teach kids how to show respect at school. Doing so will not only benefit the students but also create a more positive learning environment for everyone involved!

Teach Kids About Respect with These Activities:

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Want to Teach Kids About Respect? Find 3 fun and easy-to-implement ways to encourage respectful practices in counseling lessons. These respect activities are perfect for classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling sessions, and individual counseling sessions.

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