4 Tips for Middle School Classroom Counseling Lessons

When I first moved to middle school, I was a little terrified about engaging these students during classroom counseling lessons! I was used to elementary students who were pretty much up for anything. But with a little trial and error, I was able to get in my groove with middle schoolers too. Keep reading to find my top 4 tips for making middle school counseling lessons fun and engaging for everyone!

Middle School Counseling Lessons

Let them move

Moving up from elementary school doesn’t automatically result in kids being okay sitting for long periods of time! Middle schoolers want to move too. Find ways to incorporate movement throughout your lessons, whether is rotating through centers or stations, yoga or movement breaks, or heading outside for a cooperative game.

Let them talk

Middle schoolers are super social, and they want to talk to each other! Rather than doing a counselor-only lecture, incorporate activities that allow them to talk to each other. Do small group breakouts, partner activities, or roundtable discussions to give them a social opportunity in the lessons.

Incorporate their interests

Find out what middle schoolers are into and use it for buy-in! Show related TikTok videos as a lesson opener, tie in an upcoming sporting event, or theme your lesson around something else your students are into.

Keep it relevant

Just because you’ve always taught a lesson in the past doesn’t mean that it’s relevant to your current students. Maybe your students last year really needed a lesson on communication skills but your students this year are doing great in that department. Do your needs assessment, do a temperature check on what’s needed, and follow the data trail to give them what they need instead.

Looking for more ways to up your classroom counseling game?

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