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Normally, I run a resiliency skills group counseling program with small groups of students. But… these aren’t normal times! During the pandemic, I have been teaching lessons on resiliency in grades 2-6 and covering factors and skills that contribute to resilience. In this post, I wanted to share the resilience books for kids that I have used to complement the lessons.

Sharing all of the resilience books for kids I use with my resiliency skills group counseling program, Bounce Back in person and virtually.

Resilience Books for Kids

Lesson 1 – Introducing Resilience:

Bounce Back Betty

After the Fall

What happens after something hard? This book is a great title to get students thinking about what comes next after a challenge and how they can bounce back from adversity.


Lesson 2 – Being Goal-Oriented & Having Aspirations:

Mae Among the Stars

In the lesson on being goal-oriented and having aspirations, we talk about short- and long-term goals and how being goal-oriented helps us keep a future focus and stay motivated to keep moving forward. This book highlights the true story of Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel into space. Her childhood goals and aspirations are inspiring, especially in the face of naysayers!

Lesson 3 – Having a Positive Outlook:

Good News Bad News (Grades 1-2)

This simple story shows the difference in mindset between optimism and pessimism. The two characters have a different take on the events of the day, and your students will be giggling as they see the good news and bad news they face!

A Little Spot of Optimism (Grades 3+)

Like all of the books in Diane Alber’s Little Spot series, this book does a great job explaining what optimism means and what it looks and sounds like in practice.

Lesson 4 – Building Self Efficacy:

A Little Spot of Confidence

Another great title in the Little Spot collection! Confidence closely relates to self efficacy, and this book helps kids see what it means to believe in yourself and your abilities.

The Carrot Seed

This is a great book that shows a child who believes in his efforts, even when others don’t!

The Dot

I Can Do Hard Things

I love the mindful affirmations that are included in this book to remind kids that they can do hard things!

Lesson 5 – Problem Solving:

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Students love this story and love seeing the amazing things that Rosie creates. It’s a great title to introduce problem solving and the perseverance that is needed for it!


I love this book because it encourages kids to try new strategies and see things from difference perspectives as they solve problems.

Lesson 6 – Being Assertive:

The Mouse, The Monster, and Me

A Little Spot of Courage

When we talk about being assertive, we also talk about how it can require some courage to speak up for what we need. This little spot book is great for emphasizing that point.

Lesson 7 – Having Supportive Relationships:

Slumberkins Presents: Alpaca

This is one of my favorite books that helps kids understand why it’s so important to reach out to others! When people climb mountains, alpacas help them carry their load. When we go through hard times, it can feel like we’re climbing mountains, and the people who help us carry the load are our alpacas!

Get all of the resilience books for kids here on Amazon:

Sharing all of the resilience books for kids I use with my resiliency skills group counseling program, Bounce Back in person and virtually.

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Sharing all of the resilience books for kids I use with my resiliency skills group counseling program, Bounce Back in person and virtually. Great for school counseling resiliency lessons, resilience activities, classroom resilience, and counseling activities.

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