Great Resources for Family Changes Counseling Groups

Every year, family changes groups are one of my top priorities as kids’ families go through separation, divorce, and other changes. Depending on the students and their specific situations, we use a variety of books, activities, and other items to explore changes and practice coping strategies. Keep reading to find counseling divorce groups activities to use with students who are going through separation, divorce, or other family changes.

Looking for counseling divorce group activities for your students who are going through separation, divorce or other changes? Snag these!

Counseling Divorce Group Activities: Printables, Books, & More


Family Changes Digital Activities:

During COVID, I adapted a printable activity I normally use with students in group and made it Google Slides compatible so that we could cut down on touched materials. This also allowed for flexibility in case we switched back to virtual learning from in-person learning so that I could have continuity with students. The activities include things like sorting kid vs. adult responsibilities, identifying supportive people, identifying calming strategies, and more. There are 8 different activities, so I spread them out across 8 sessions. The activities take students fewer than 30 minutes to complete, and they can submit them to me through Google Classroom.


Kid vs. Adult Responsibilities

One of the activities that I always want to cover in these groups is kid vs. adult responsibilities. We talk about things that kids are in charge of like cleaning up their toys and doing their homework and schoolwork and things that adults are in charge of like getting to work on time and working out problems with other adults.

Reviewing and Practicing Coping Strategies

Of course, we also talk a lot about the big feelings that come with family changes and some strategies students can use. We practice these together and students identify the strategies that work well for them. Find more activities to practice coping skills with younger students here on my blog.

Identifying Supportive People

We also review qualities of supportive people. We identify people in a variety of settings that students can reach out to for support when they are having a hard time. They identify people at home, school, in their neighborhoods or communities (like coaches or neighbors), and friends who support them.


We also spend time personalizing some affirmations based on what kids are struggling with in their particular situation. For the kids that are struggling to

Find More Family Changes Activities Here.


Two Homes

Dinosaurs Divorce

My Family is Changing

Living with Mom and Living with Dad

When Mom and Dad Separate

You Make Your Parents Super Happy!

Two Adventures with Mom and Dad

Was it the Chocolate Pudding?

We Are Family

See all of the books here:


People Counters

I love these people counters and use them often in counseling! In groups, I let students build their families using these counters. I don’t give them much guidance, but I let them introduce each person they included and explain where they put them and why.

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