2020 Book Club Confirmation

You’re in! Thanks for joining the book club. You’ll receive emails each month with quick and easy book companion activities.


  • If you are joining during the beginning of January, you’ll receive all of the book activities as they are released throughout the year!
  • If you’re joining after the beginning of January, you’ll receive book activities as they are released, but you won’t receive specific emails with past book activities. You’ll have a chance to catch up as I’ll periodically send out a link to all of the past activities, but I will not send individual emails with specific activities if you miss one as this can become quite overwhelming to receive lots of individual requests. I have to set healthy time boundaries for myself, and I appreciate your understanding!
  • Some of the books listed for the future might change.
  • These activities can be used to complement your classroom guidance lessons or small group counseling sessions but are not full lesson plans.
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