Mindfulness Crafts You Can Do at Home

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that helps kids and adults alike find focus, balance, and peace! Kids need mindfulness to encourage important life, school, and social skills, and you can practice these skills at home with these fun, hands-on mindfulness crafts! Keep reading to find one your kids will love:

Mindfulness Crafts

Mandala Hands

In this activity, kids trace one hand or both hands. Inside the handprints, they draw their own mandala-style designs. On the fingers, the can write words that describe how they are feeling in the moment. Click here for full instructions.

Painted Rocks

A great introductory book about mindfulness is A Handful of Quiet by mindfulness expert, Thich Nhat Hanh. To accompany the reading and activities, paint rocks to represent each activity! These can serve as an anchoring point or visual focal point for the activity. Read more about this activity here.

Black Glue Mandalas

This mindfulness craft activity is a huge hit every time I do it at home or at school! Kids can create their own mandalas with black glue and then paint their designs with watercolors after the glue dries. This is a great creative, highly-focused activity to try at home or at school! Get full instructions for this activity here.

Lazy 8s Painting

Lazy 8 breathing is easy-to-use strategy for controlled breathing. Instead of tracing an 8 with a finger, try painting the eight instead! Breathe along with the brush strokes to practice slow, controlled, mindful breaths.

Playdough Roll

Play dough is awesome all-around, but it’s great for mindfulness too! Use it as a tool to explore texture, describe sensations, and focusing on senses. Click here to get instructions for making this play dough and guiding questions to ask. And find more ways to use playdough for emotional support activities here on Confident Counselors.

Build Mindful Kids

Want more mindfulness activities to try at home? You’ll love these!

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

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Want to practice mindfulness activities at home? You'll love these mindfulness crafts and your kids will too! Try them at home or at school. These mindfulness activities for kids are perfect for mindfulness at home or mindful practices for children. Use them for mindful mornings, mindful art, or mindfulness exercises in school counseling, the classroom, or at home.

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