Week in Review September 23-27, 2019


  • I was supposed to be at a PLC with the counselors in my district. I checked in at school in the morning to pick up some things I needed and ended up never leaving.
  • Individual session for IEP goals
  • Kindergarten check in
  • Conference
  • Parent, teacher, student collaboration meeting
  • Check in with student
  • Team meeting to review BSP steps, plan, and common language


  • 5th grade empathy lesson
  • another 5th grade empathy lesson
  • 4th grade mediation follow up/lunch
  • SST


  • Individual session for IEP goals
  • Recess duty
  • Peer review
  • 2nd grade girls follow up/lunch
  • Kindergarten responsive
  • 6th grade boys lunch
  • Kindergarten responsive
  • Team meeting for BSP and crisis plan


  • Parent-teacher conferences (students on my caseload & students that teachers asked me to be there for extra support with suggestions, observations, etc.)
  • Rearranged my room: I made a more accessible regulation area with a table, sensory items, coloring items, etc. I also made more of a divide between my big group table and my couch/comfy seating area. I angled my comfy seats a little differently so the are cornered together instead of facing across from each other.
  • Filed some paperwork.
  • Made a banner to hang at recess using the good sportsmanship speech bubbles that my third graders made during our lesson last week.


  • More parent-teacher conferences
  • Finished rearranging the room

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