Week in Review: September 16-20, 2019

Highlights from the Week:


  • Check-in – review goals and specific target behaviors (what does this behavior look/sound like?)
  • Kindergarten friendship group session 1: What are the qualities of a good friend? What do I like in a friend?
  • Responsive time
  • Lunch group
  • Kindergarten social skills group session 1: listening & following directions (directed drawing and Counselor Says)
  • Lots of catching up on phone calls and emails with parents
  • Planning with SLP for Kindness Club starting soon
  • Rearranging some storage space to create a sensory deescalation station!
behavior goal folder: use for check in check out with students to identify feelings, identify goals, and monitor progress toward goals


  • 2nd grade family changes group session 1
  • Individual sessions
  • Mediation
  • Creating a Google form for parent communication
  • lots of BSP writing


  • 4th grade classroom guidance lesson on empathy/community building
  • Responsive time
  • Individual session (confidence building)
  • Kindergarten social skills group session 3
  • 6th grade lunch group
  • Mediation
  • Parent meeting
  • Teacher meeting
  • Department meeting


  • Parent meeting
  • Parent meeting
  • 2nd grade classroom counseling lesson: conversational skills for including people (read The Invisible Boy and then practiced using these strategies)
  • Kindergarten friendship group session 2
  • 6th grade lunch group


  • 3rd grade classroom counseling lesson on good sportsmanship (read Pig the Winner and then did my sportsmanship centers)
  • 4th grade classroom guidance lesson on empathy/community building
  • 1st grade family changes group
  • 2nd grade classroom guidance lesson: finding commonalities with peers
What I was up to this week in school counseling classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling and more!

Books I Used This Week:

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