Children’s Books that Challenge Gender Stereotypes

Not all boys want to play football and not all girls want to dance ballet – and that’s okay! We need children’s books on our counseling shelves to encourage children to be themselves and like what they like and challenge the gender stereotypes that keep them feeling boxed in or unsafe being themselves. Keep reading to find some great children’s books about challenging gender stereotypes!

Are you looking for children's books about gender stereotypes? You need these titles on your school counseling library shelf!

Children’s Books About Gender Stereotypes

Pink is for Boys

I originally bought this book for my son. He is a huge Paw Patrol fan and his favorite pup is Skye. When we went shopping for a new jacket, he picked out a bright pink Skye jacket and was so excited to wear it to school! It was a great opportunity for us to practice responding to others who told him that pink is for girls, and this book was really helpful in that conversation. This book explains that all colors are for everyone!

Except When They Don’t

Some girls do certain things, except when they don’t. Some boys do certain things, except when they don’t. This awesome book challenges all kinds of stereotypes from toys to sports to behaviors and encourages kids to choose what they really love, not what they’re told they should love.

Julian is a Mermaid

Julian sees the mermaids on the subway while he’s riding with his abuela and loves everything about their hair, fishtails, and more. When they get home, he dresses up in his abuela’s jewelry and makes his own mermaid tail with her curtain. Abuela’s acceptance and support make this a beautiful story about being the real you!

I Love My Purse

Boys don’t carry purses… or do they? Charlie loves the purse that his grandmother gave him and wants to take it to school, even though his dad and friends question his choice. But Charlie’s choice encourages others around him to wear the things they love most!

Sparkle Boy

Casey loves blocks and trucks, and he loves sparkly things too! In this story, students will see the transformation of Casey’s sister as she realized that Casey deserves to be who he is and like what he likes.

Annie’s Plaid Shirt

Annie always wears a plaid shirt and is upset when her mom tells her she has to wear a fancy dress to a wedding. She feels uncomfortable in dresses and wishes that her mom understood.

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What else?

What other children’s books do you love that challenge gender stereotypes and encourage kids to be who they are and do what they love? Leave them in the comments section below! Click here to find more books I love and get all of these books on Amazon with this list.

Are you looking for children's books about gender stereotypes? You need these titles on your school counseling library shelf! Great books for school counseling that help kids with gender norms and stereotypes. Perfect for elementary school counseling.

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