The Locker Room: Sports Themed Calm Down Corner

Do you have a calm down corner or regulation area in your counseling office? What about your classrooms? Someone recently asked me if these calm down areas should be just in the counseling office to provide students a place to go if they couldn’t handle being in the classroom during a stressful event. While I do think the counseling office is a great place for students to regulate in certain circumstances, I also always suggest that teachers have a place in the classroom where students can spend some time to recognize and regulate their emotions.

By creating a space in the classroom, the act of taking a break to regulate is normalized. When the space is available for everyone to use and students aren’t “sent” out of the room to “deal with” feelings, we can empower students to take regulation into their own hands and limit time spent out of the classroom.

I made this sports-themed calm down area (called The Locker Room) to accompany my  sports-themed self regulation classroom guidance curriculum. It has some really simple, action steps for students to notice, identify, and regulate their emotions so they can feel in control and get back to feeling calm and regulated!

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The Locker Room: Sports Themed Calm Down Corner

First Quarter: How is my body feeling?

First, students tune in to their bodies and notice the physical experiences they have. If they want to, students can label the blank laminated body outline in the calm area.

Second Quarter: What thoughts do I have?

Next, students tune into their thoughts. What thoughts do they notice? What are these thoughts telling them about their emotions?

Emotion Word Wall

The emotion word wall is a great addition to any calm down area to help students label their emotions. They can identify the level of their emotions and then choose the emotion word that best fits. Having the emotions displayed is helpful for students who are struggling to gather their thoughts when experiencing dysregulation.

Third Quarter: What emotion do I feel?

This chart helps students to once again gauge the level of their emotion using color levels. They can choose one of the emotions pictures or create their own using the blank square at the top. These emotions are attached to the poster with Velcro, so students can pull them off and attach them to a summary chart (pictured below). 

Fourth Quarter: What strategy can I use?

After students have identified the emotion(s) they are feeling, they can use this strategy choice board to pick a calming strategy or two. Again, they can create their own strategy with the blank square at the top if desired. These are also attached by Velcro and can be added to the summary chart (pictured above). All of the strategies described on this chart can be completed in the calm down corner using the materials provided.

I stocked a $5 tub from Target with a variety of calming items such as calming bottles, stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons, paper and pencils, stress balls, pinwheels, and yoga cards. The calming bottles that I made have sports ball beads and hidden words on letter beads inside. Students can count the beads or try to find the hidden words as they watch the glitter fall. If you need tips on making your calming bottle, check out this post with 5 easy bottles you can try.

Quick Video Tour

What do you have in your calm down corner? What do your teachers stock in theirs? You can get all of these calm down corner printables in my sports-themed self regulation counseling curriculum or individually here! Here are a few great items to stock in your corner as well as the football field banner I used in mine:

Self Regulation Station: Give your students a place to regulate their emotions and physical responses in a calm down corner or regulation station! What's in your calm down area or calm down kit? You'll love these sport-themed calming strategies activities!

Give your students a place to regulate their emotions and physical responses in a calm down corner or regulation station!

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