60 Books to Support Self Regulation Skills

Over the past several months, I’ve been doing a deep dive into the world of self regulation in order to plan a Tier 1 classroom guidance curriculum. I gathered a big list of books for counselors to either use in their lessons to support the skills taught in the curriculum or for counselors to suggest to teachers in order to create a classroom-counseling connection. The books focus on integral skills such as recognizing emotions, understanding that emotions change, behaviors that are and are not appropriate to the situation, calming strategies, and perspective taking. What self regulation books do you use with your students? Check out the list to see if you find any to add to your shelf!

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Teaching self regulation strategies in your school counseling program? You'll love these 60 self regulation books addressing foundational & advanced skills. Use these books to accompany your self regulation activities in your classroom guidance lessons or small group counseling sessions.

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60 Self Regulation Books for School Counseling

Books about Basic Emotions

Before students can begin to understand how to regulate their emotions, they have to first understand what emotions are and how they feel! These books will help students to develop an emotional vocabulary and gain a better understanding of the emotions they experience.

The Way I Feel, Janan Cain


In My Heart, Jo Witek


The Feelings Book, Todd Parr


Glad Monster, Sad Monster, Ed Emberly


My Many Colored Days, Dr. Suess


Today I Feel Silly, Jamie Lee Curtis


When I Feel Angry, Cornelia Maude


Listening to My Body, Gabi Garcia


The Great Big Book of Feelings, Mary Hoffman

Books About Changing Emotions

When students understand the basic emotions they experience and what they feel like in their bodies, they can then begin to recognize changes in these emotions. They can also detect different levels of emotions. These books will help students recognize changes in the characters emotion and see how the characters manage these changes.

Lizzy’s Ups and Downs, Jessica Harper


Sometimes I Feel Like a Storm Cloud


Double Dip Feelings, Barbara Cain


I Hate Everything, Sue Graves


When Miles Got Mad, Sam Kurtzman-Counter


When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really, Angry, Molly Bang


Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, Shelly Becker

If you’re looking for an activity for this book, check out this post with a sorting activity for your students.

Books about Behaviors

Understanding what behaviors fit in certain situations is an important self regulation skill!When students understand how their behaviors affect others and how others will respond to their choices, they understand how their choices will affect other people’s emotion levels. These books look at behaviors that are inappropriate to the situation and positive alternatives.

David Gets in Trouble, David Shannon


David Goes to School, David Shannon


No, David!, David Shannon


What Were You Thinking? Lisa Griffen


It’s Hard to be a Verb, Julia Cook


Soda Pop Head, Julia Cook


My Mouth is a Volcano, Julie Cook


What Should Danny Do?, Adir Levy


What if Everybody Did That?, Ellen Javernick


Do Unto Otters, Laurie Keller


I Can Do That! Kayla Marnach


I’m in Charge of Me, David Parker


The Way I Act, Steve Metzger

Books about Problem Size

Understanding how big problem really is helps students to gauge their responses! These books will helps students understand when they can solve problems on their own and when they should ask for help.

Tattle Tongue, Julia Cook


Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal, Jeanie Franz Ransom


Bumps, Hills, and Mountains, Julie Balderston

Books about Calming Strategies

Once students understand their own emotional responses and the context of their behavior, they can choose calming strategies that will help them to regulate and make positive choices. These books provide ample strategies for calming the body and mind.

My Incredible Talking Body, Rebecca Bowen

Check out this post for activity ideas and a free printable!


I am Peace, Susan Verde


I am Yoga, Susan Verde

For a craft idea for this book and free yoga printable cards, check out this post!


Breathe Like a Bear, Kira Willey



The Lemonade Hurricane, Licia Morelli


Charlotte and the Quiet Place, Deborah Sosin


Anh’s Anger, Gail Silver


Moody Cow Meditates, Kerry Lee MacLean

Books about Thinking Strategies

Another important aspect of self regulation is understanding how thoughts affect feelings and behaviors. Use these books to help students develop positive self talk, encouraging mantras, and flexible thinking skills.

I Will be Okay, Laurie Wright



I Matter, Laurie Wright


My Day is Ruined, Bryan Smith


Of Course It’s a Big Deal, Bryan Smith


Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, JoAnn Deak


I Think, I Am!, Louise Hay


Ish, Peter Reynolds


The Dot, Peter Reynolds


My New Best Friend, Sara Marlowe



Listening with My Heart, Gabi Garcia


There’s a Bully in My Brain, Kristin O’Rourke


Books about Empathy & Perspective Taking

The ability to see a problem from multiple perspectives helps students to better regulate and choose a response that honors everyone involved. These books will help students recognize that there are always unseen facts and different perspectives!

Stand in my Shoes, Bob Sornson


You, Me, and Empathy, Jayneen Sanders


Just Because, Amber Housey


Hey Little Ant, Phillip and Hannah Hoose


They All Saw a Cat, Brendan Wenzel


I am the Dog, I am the Cat, Donald Hall


The Other Side of the Story, Nancy Loewen

What books do you use to teach self regulation skills? I’m looking for more to support my self regulation curriculum! Let me Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out these other books that I love!

Teaching self regulation strategies in your school counseling program? You'll love these 60 self regulation books addressing foundational & advanced skills. Use these books to accompany your self regulation activities in your classroom guidance lessons or small group counseling sessions.






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