School Counselor Valentines

Do you give valentines to your counseling students? While I’ve never given out valentines to every single student on my caseload, I have always liked to do something little for group counseling or individual counseling students. I mean, I’ve already stocked up on Target’s Dollar Spot bubbles anyway… Here are 3 simple school counselor valentines that are sure to brighten your students’ days!

Bubble Valentines

If you’re like me, you have a drawer full of bubbles from every single season thanks to the Target Dollar Spot. Add a bubble container to these little valentines and you’re all set. Let your students know that being their counselor makes your heart bubble with joy!

Glow Stick Valentines

You might remember that I gave out glow sticks/bracelets at Halloween and made Christmas gift tags using them too. Well, I have approximately 100 left, so valentines are the perfect match!

Sweet Treat Valentines

Everyone loves a little candy on Valentine’s Day, and these valentines are just begging for a sweet treat. Let your students know that being their counselor is the sweetest treat!

These Valentine’s Day printable cards are free for everyone on The Spark Newsletter group! If you’ve already signed up, I emailed them to you today. If you haven’t signed up yet, no worries! Use this link to sign up and download them right away!

What are you passing out this year? I’d love to see pictures of your school counselor valentines!

Happy Counseling! -Counselor Keri


3 thoughts on “School Counselor Valentines

  1. Good Afternoon

    I am signed up and get your fabulous emails, but I cant download the valentine printables for my students. There’s no link

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