Small Group Counseling Gift Using the Rhonna Designs App

For many of my small groups, I like to give the group members a small take-away gift or token to remember our group. It’s always something small, and generally we make it together in our termination session. Often, we’ll write notes to one another or create a collage from magazines to represent growth. This girls group activity is the perfect take-away for students to remember their time together in group.

When I saw others on Instagram posting adorable illustrated images of their families, I thought this would be a perfect termination take-away gift for students in girls group! After a bit of playing around (and a little frustration), I finally figured out how to use the Rhonna Designs app to make these precious little parting gifts! You can print them on full-page paper or 5×7 photo paper (there are lots of printing size options within the app). I even thought these would be nice to print on card stock as foldable cards. Then, girls could write parting messages or encouragements to one another inside the cards.

The app is not free, and it does require an in-app purchase to get the girl images. However, I spent less than $4 on all of that, which is definitely less than I tend to spend on art supplies for other parting gift projects!

Why I Love This

I love the diversity represented in skin tone and hair styles for the girls. You could spend a little time in your second to last session letting the girls pick their images and surprise them with the final product in the last week or make it a group activity! Finish it off with the group name that the girls have chosen, and you’ve got a beautiful memento! Here are a couple of examples:

How to Make It

I’m including some step by step images below to show you how to make these. Hopefully it’ll save you some of the frustration I ran into!

First, download the Rhonna Designs app from the app store. Like I mentioned before, it is a paid app (I think it was under $2). When you open the app, tap the red button on the bottom left to open the background options.

Next, choose your background. I like to use the neutral, plain images so that the girls really pop on the page.


You can choose your image size using the slider at the bottom.

For this project, I’m using 5×7. After you select your image size, click the checkmark in the top right corner.

Now, tap the white starburst on the top left. This will open the design packages.

Click search.

In the search bar, type “family portrait.” This is where you’ll make the in-app purchased for the design packs. I purchased the boys, girls, and extras.

After you purchase, the design packs will now be pictures. For this project, you’ll need the girls first.

Using the slider at the bottom, you can choose your girl images. Once they are on the screen, you can resize and move them.

Here’s where I had some frustration: once you have put an image in, you need to click the plus sign on the top left to add another image. If you do not do this and one of your images on the screen still has the red box around it,  you’ll replace that image if you select another.

After you have all of your girl images in, you can add some embellishments from the “extras” design pack.

Here, you can add bows, ribbons, shirts, and flourishes. Once you have all of the embellishments you want to use, click done at the top. You’ll be able to add text next.


To add text, tap the T in the top left corner. You can choose from the free fonts available. Double tap to edit the text. You can then resize it to fit your embellishment.


Once you have your text the way you like it, tap the blue button on the top right. Then tap “share.” I save as high-resolution. You can then save it to your phone camera roll!


I printed these like cards so that messages can be written inside.

And that’s it! Pretty easy once you get the hang of it. What kinds of parting group counseling gifts or take-aways do you use for termination sessions? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re looking for tips to make your girls group a success, check out this post for my best tips!


Create beautiful take-away gifts for your girls small group counseling members with the Rhonna Designs app! -Counselor Keri





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