Check-in/Check-out with Google Forms in School Counseling

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing ways to use Google apps in your school counseling program. I want to start the series with an intervention I know almost all counselors are using: check-in/check-out.


Check In/Check Out

Creating a simple form in Google Forms can streamline your check-in/check-out process AND make data collection a breeze. Review daily goals and expectations in the morning with students, and when they check out, use your Google Form to record goal progress based on the point card on which they’ve received feedback throughout the day. This will of course be specific to your student, but it could look something like this:


As you review the point card from the day, simply select (or have Johnny select) the corresponding numbers to indicate Johnny’s goal progress, and click submit at the bottom of the form. You’ll get a response summary that looks like this:

When you want to review the data from your check-out, you can create a spreadsheet directly from the form responses, and you’ll get something that looks like this:

I’ve highlighted the cells showing that Johnny seems to be struggling around 9:30 am, so we can look more closely at the events during that time and make changes to support Johnny toward his goal progress. This is just a really simple example of what you can do for check-in/check-out, and there are lots of options when creating your Google Form!
If you are a 1:1 technology school, you can even create your own Google Classroom for the students on your caseload and send the form to the Johnny via Google Classroom so that he can access it on his own device.  I love this strategy because there is no paper! Everything is stored right in your Google Classroom or in the Google Form the student submits at the end of the day.
Next week, I’ll be sharing about using Google Slides for alllll of the school counseling sorting activities! If you want this delivered straight to your inbox, {sign up for my free newsletter here!}



2 thoughts on “Check-in/Check-out with Google Forms in School Counseling

  1. Hey Keri!! I have my own Classroom and I LOVE IT!!! The kids have responded very positively to it. Keep sharing these ideas!!! Love them!!!

    1. Awesome!! I’m still getting the hang of google classroom but I LOVE it! It makes everything so easy! And I swear, the kids know how to use it better than I do.

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