20 School-Wide Kindness Initiatives

A few months ago, I did a giveaway on Instagram for a “Kindness is Always Cool” t-shirt. I asked the counselors who entered to share their favorite or most effective school wide kindness initiatives. Many counselors are doing RAK week but adding their own creative flair for engagement. I was blown away by the creativity and amazing impact these initiatives were making not only within the schools, but in the local and larger communities as well. With their permission, I am sharing these counselors’ amazing ideas below to spread the creativity!

“My school is named Cassell, and we are building a new school building to open in August. When students are caught being kind, it is read on the announcements, and then the student can come write his name on a brick to staple to a castle going up on the bulletin board in the cafeteria. They also get a small certificate and prize. Kids love it!” -Ashley, VA @counselorstation

“We did the Great Kindness Challenge for the first time this year. I also had a class be my Secret Kindness Agents this year. We started with secret missions inside of the school, and then we branched out into the community during second semester. We made May Day baskets and delivered them to the neighboring houses that surround our school. We also made care packages to donate to the pediatric floor of our local hospital. Our PTA was wonderful and donated some funds to make these projects possible.” Ainslee

“For the month of December, the Kindness Elves visit each of our classes and leave them a random act of kindness to do for someone in the school or community.” -Olivia, MO

“We did the Great Kindness Challenge but the best part was that the kids decided to do the Coins for Children drive for an orphanage they hear about in Baja, California. We are a Title I School of 517 kids, and they raised $1400 in 4 days! The awesome part was that our goal was $200! And the kids are already talking about doing it again at the beginning of the year.” -Erika, @rmkcounselor

“Our students raised money for Pennies for Patients – Change 4 Change. Our Bears raised $2,306.37 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! So fun to see how this turned out, we were floored!” -Lisa, Billings, Montana

“I did a Lighting Up the Season with Kindness [activity]. Kids would write on a lightbulb whenever they saw another student do a random act of kindness.” -Patty

“[We made a] wishing well for kiddos to toss kindness coins in to receive their kindness destiny! We had a speaker at the bottom and we said things like, “Thank a teacher today,” and “Sit by someone new,” into a microphone around the corner when they threw in a coin. Such a hit!” -@simplyschoolcounseling

“Our elementary counseling team implanted the Great Kindness Challenge at all of the elementary schools in our district. It was amazing to see the children completing RAK for others and continuing past the designated week.” -Leilani, CA

“I loved the kindness boards. The students wrote kind things that were done for them on sticky notes and put them on the board. The whole school could see what people were doing so it encouraged them to be kind as well!” -Sarah, CA

“We did Random Acts of Kindness Week in February, and as a part of that, we did an assembly on kindness and each class made “Kindness Chains” to see if we could reach them all the way around the school.” -Crystal, CO

“I start the year with Have You Filled a Bucket Today? lesson for each grade level and give them a chance to make buckets (some grade levels do origami style, others I use cups to keep it simple) then they practice ‘filling buckets’ for each other with compliments for their classmates! I also love RAK week and last year did a staff shout outs bulletin board so teachers/staff could get compliments too.” – Stephanie

“This year I made the whole month of February our Random Acts of Kindness month! I think my favorite park was our kindness tree. Students wrote down on paper leaves how they showed kindness and we watched our tree bloom with kindness!” (inspired by The School Counseling Files) -Madison, NC

“I usually invite my social skills groups to be secret agents of kindness.” -Rebecca, NC

“I did Counselor’s Kindness Challenge for NCSW [National School Counseling Week]. Students had a bingo-like board with ideas for spreading kindness. Once they completed the challenge, they turned the boards back into me. I drew 5 students from each level to win lunch with me.” Kate, OH

“I had a school wide kindness chain that hung in the cafeteria. Also, my Girls Empowerment Club made happy thought boxes for each 5th grade class, and Empathy Club did a donation drive for the local animal shelter. All was done in the month of February!” -@inspiringschoolcounselor

“We did a positive Post-it note campaign this year! It was awesome to see the words of advice and encouragement they gave fellow students. And even cooler to see the hallways, lockers, and bathroom mirrors covered with kindness!” -Natalie, NC

“Teachers refer students to my kindness committee to help me do kind things around the school for kids and staff each month.” -Rachel, CT

“We have the Kindness Revolution at my school! It’s a great program where kindness bracelets are passed around the school. When a student has a bracelet and sees a kind act, they give them the bracelet!” -Amanda, KS

“[When we see] the students being kind [we nominate] them for Student of the Month with written affirmations of what they have done to deserve it.” -Cait

“I have used Kindness BINGO and Kindness Tic Tac Toe to get students actively engaged and give them ideas for ways they can show kindness around the school. I use BINGO with upper elementary grades. For third and fourth grade (and sometimes second, depending on your students), they try for a regular BINGO by completing 5 kind acts in a row. For fifth grade, they go for a ‘blackout’ BINGO by completing all of the kind acts on the card! With early elementary grades, I use Kindness Tic Tac Toe and they complete 3 kind acts in a row on their cards. When the students bring a completed card to me, we have a little celebration and affirmation of their amazing kindness!” -Counselor Keri (download both of these for FREE by clicking on the pictures below)


What other school wide kindness initiatives are you using to engage your students in acts of kindness? Let me know in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “20 School-Wide Kindness Initiatives

  1. One idea I have for Spring this year is to fill plastic eggs with RAK ideas. I will hide them around the school and whoever finds them must complete that RAK. I will have a bucket by my office for them to return the empty eggs to be recycled for more RAK. I will hide about 5-7 each day for the month of March. Some will be hidden on the playground, others in the school building.
    During my February guidance lessons, I will explain the activity to all grades and provide them with the “rules”.

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