Meet the Counselor: Learn S’more About the School Counselor

Back to school is just around the corner! During this time of year, I’m always just as excited as I was when I was a student! Yeah, I was that kid who couldn’t wait for summer to end so I could pick out new folders and go back to school Each year, I’ve racked my brain for new ways to introduce the role of the school counselor to students for a meet the counselor activity, and this year I landed on a delicious analogy: a s’more.

Meet the Counselor Activity

I’ve heard from a few other counselors that they’re using a camping theme for their counseling programs this year, and the s’more fits perfectly with that theme! Any excuse to make and eat s’mores at school, am I right? This is a fun and simple way to introduce your role, and is relatively budget friendly! Side note: for your students with special dietary needs, it’s pretty easy to find gluten free graham crackers in the “health food” or “special diet” section of the grocery store – that’s what I used for the s’mores pictured below!
Check out this simple way to help your students learn s’more about your role as the school counselor!


The bottom cracker:

The bottom cracker supports the s’more! Just like the cracker, the school counselor is here to support every single student! This doesn’t just apply to hard times; the counselor offers support through academic, personal/social, and career endeavors and celebrations. Elaborate on your own program and how you will support students in these areas!



The chocolate:

The chocolate represents the sweet stuff of the counseling program! The school counselor will come to the classroom for fun, interactive time to learn about friendship, goal setting, conflict resolution, careers, and more. Let students know you’ll play “sweet” games, do cooperative activities, and have lots of fun together.

The first marshmallow:

The first marshmallow represents the individual student. The counselor is here to meet with individual students when they are going through tough experiences, want to learn a new way to handle problems, or build new skills to help them at school and with friends. This is a great time to review policies for how to request an appointment with the counselor!

The second marshmallow:

The second marshmallow represents groups of students. The counselor is here to meet with groups of students who are going through similar experiences or want to learn new skills together. Discuss some of the group opportunities in your program!

The top cracker:

Finally, the top cracker keeps the s’more together. When it feels like things are falling apart or out of control, the counselor can help students learn and practice new strategies to help get them back on track and feel confident to face the challenges ahead.
If you’re loving s’mores just as much as I am, check out this digital activity for students to sort out true/false statements about the counselor’s role! It works with Google Slides (TM) and you can use it on a SmartBoard, iPad/tablet, computer, or any device that can access Google Slides! It’s available here.


How are you introducing your role as the school counselor this year? Let me know in the comments. If you’re looking for more meet the counselor activities, check these out!
Meet the counselor activity: Learn s'more about the school counselor. Introduce your role as the school counselor with this fun s'more themed activity!




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