Back to School Gifts for Coworkers

When it’s time to head back to school, I always have the same giddy feelings that I had when I was a student heading back to school! There’s something about walking to the building again, seeing familiar faces, and wondering what surprises we’ll be in for this year. I always like to spread around a bit of my own excitement to coworkers so we can all start the year on the right foot! Whether you’re putting together gift for your co-counselor (if we were only all so lucky to have one!), your admin, front office staff, or all of your teachers, hopefully one of these ideas will be of help to you!

If you’re creating gifts for just a few coworkers, succulents are a great little treasure. Counselors can’t help but cultivate things, right? 😉

For the flair pen-loving staff members, a couple of brand new pens and a few little sweets are sure to delight!

If you’re wanting to create gifts for your whole staff, popcorn is a great budget-friendly treat to wish them a fresh and poppin’ new year! I got these little treat boxes at Target for about $0.50 each.

Whether you’re new to your building or a familiar face, I always find it goes a long way to make rounds a couple of days before students arrive to get some face time with teachers simply to remind them that you are there to help and support the students. Showing up with goodies in hand is just an added bonus! You can download all of these gift tags for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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