You’re Invited: Zen Party!

The holidays seem to bring out the chaos in schools, right? Everyone is excited for a break but also feeling a little out of touch with the main goal (staff and students included!). It always seems that teachers, counselors, and administrators alike have been totally stretched to the limit around this time of year, and I love to bring a little morale boost to the table!

A Zen Party does not have to be an elaborate or time consuming affair – this can all go down in about 20 minutes (longer if you prefer, of course!). Invite faculty members to a calming space to participate in a mindful, refocusing activity of your choice. A media center or faculty lounge decked out with some floor pillows or simple picnic blankets works just fine. I like to lead a guided meditation in which no one is required to do any sort of talking or team-building – just relax and refocus. There are some great scripts from Inner Health Studio – even addressing work related stress or becoming more playful! 

Because I know teachers have lots of things to do and not a lot of time to do them, I like to send them on their way with a party favor of some bubbles (for all those times when they need to do a little deep breathing!), words of encouragement (or….Zencouragement??), and a delightful chocolate or two 😉 Everyone leaves feeling Zen, refreshed, and encouraged!
The benefits of mindfulness can’t be ignored, and I think this is a perfect strategy for bringing a little inner peace back to teachers and other faculty members who are giving their all 200% of the time. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, right? A faculty Zen Party is just the way to refill those cups a little to encourage everyone to persevere until the holidays!
How do you help faculty members find a little bit of peace amid the holiday chaos?
You can get a free Zen Party invitation template (just add your own details!) below! Simply insert the picture into an 11×8.5 PowerPoint slide or landscape Word document and add your own text! 

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