How Can the School Counselor Help? Introducing Your Role!

Please don’t throw things at me for saying this…. but the new school year is only a month away! I’m ducking so those pool toys and frozen drink umbrellas you’re throwing at me don’t mess up my messy summer bun!

I’m always looking for new and fun ways to introduce myself and my role as the School Counselor! This year, it’s an easy decision because I am OBSESSED with that big world sports competition that happens every 4 years ;-). I love everything about them! I love the ceremonies, the flags, the friendly competition, the medals, the proud families in the stands, the athletes’ life stories… Oh and I cry during every medal ceremony. Every. Single. One. 
This year, I have a fun set of sports-themed activities and posters to introduce myself and what I do as the School Counselor, because let’s be honest, there are a lot of people who still just don’t know. Looking at you, Miss Teacher-Who-Thinks-I-Hand-Out-Discipline. I love how everything turned out and can’t wait to use it!
I’ve got these True/False game cards that will be used in a sports-themed game – I’m thinking soccer for younger kiddos and hockey for more mature (read: trustworthy with a yard stick) students! I made a couple of bookmarks for students to keep as well.
Bookmarks and true/false school counselor role cards

What Does a School Counselor Do? posters
My favorite thing I made for this unit is this fun flip book to remind students what I do! Check it out  below 🙂
How are you introducing yourself and your role this year? Anyone else using a sports theme this year? 
If you like these things and want to use them in your program, you can get them in my TpT store! Happy counseling!


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