Using Lap Books in Your School Counseling Program

Are lap books all the rage at your school yet? I’ve seen teachers use them for so many literacy and math topics, and students seem to love them! So I thought, why not me too? Check out these fun, hands-on, engaging school counseling lap books that your students are sure to love!

Are you using school counseling lap books yet? They're such a great tool for small group counseling, individual counseling, or classroom guidance lessons! Grabs some folders, and you're good to go.

School Counseling Lap Books

Worry Warriors

 I started with a Worry Warrior lap book since I already had an established group counseling program on this topic. It was an easy way to start small with materials I already had! And like most fun ideas… this one came to me at the end of the year 😉 Anyone else have that problem?

I met with several kiddos from my group again at the end of the year to refresh their worry-management strategies before they were “on their own” for summer break. Each student made his/her own lap book so they could have something tangible to keep and take home from group. They really loved having something to keep! I also made a “master copy” lap book with all of the elements laminated so that I can use it one-on-one in session and let students write on the lap book with dry erase markers. Here’s a look at the Worry Warriors lap book:

Front cover
Inside left column: how worry affects your life


inside left column: compare/contrast worried body and calm body
inside center: worry battle cards that describe anxiety-management strategies for students to practice


center view

I like to add a fun character to the lap books just for kicks – it’s totally not necessary, but the kids seem to like them! I’m really happy with how this lap book turned out and how the students responded to them! Seeing how they practiced the strategies convinced me to make lap books for more topics because they were really engaged. They are surprisingly easy to make too! Here are pictures of a few of the lap books I have now:

Cyber Bullying Prevention

Cyber bullying prevention
inside left column: types of cyber bullying
inside center: what would you do/personal experiences
inside right column: effects of cyber bullying


Bullying Prevention

Inside of Buddies, Not Bullies (bullying prevention)

Emotion Investigators

Inside of Emotion Investigators (my favorite!! Just look at that detective!)


Bully Bees (Early Elementary Bullying Prevention)

Inside of Bully Bees (bullying prevention for early elementary)

Mindfulness Lap Book

Inside of Mindfulness Matters (includes 24 mindfulness strategy cards for students to practice!)

SMART Goals Lap Book

SMART goals

Test Prep Strategies

Test-prep and test-taking skills


Making Friends

how to make a friend

Keeping Friends

how to keep a friend/maintaining friendships


Internet Safety

Safe during: internet safety!


Multiple Intelligences 

Multiple Intelligences


Leadership Qualities

Leadership qualities


Growth Mindset

Groovy growth mindset

Conflict Resolution

Peace Seekers: Conflict Resolution

Bottom line: I love school counseling lap books because (1) there are not tons of handouts – everything is contained in one folder and nothing is going to fall out! (2) Students can make them to keep. Some of the students seem to open up a lot more while we make them together because they have busy hands and feel more comfortable talking. (3) I can have them ready-made for one-on-one sessions when I need them, and I never have to dig for handouts. (4) There are tons of opportunities to customize these by leaving areas blank and letting students fill them in, making flaps with the elements so they can write underneath the tabs, etc. (5) They’re small! They don’t take up a lot of space on a shelf or in a filing cabinet. (6) They’re adorable.

Are you already using lap books in your school counseling program? I’d love to hear more about how you make them work and how your students respond to them! What topics are you covering?

If you’re not already using them but want to, check out all of my lap books here. I’m still brewing up a few more topics – can’t wait to show you!!

Are you using school counseling lap books yet? They're such a great tool for small group counseling, individual counseling, or classroom guidance lessons! Grabs some folders, and you're good to go.

Are you using school counseling lap books yet? They're such a great tool for small group counseling, individual counseling, or classroom guidance lessons! Grabs some folders, and you're good to go.



8 thoughts on “Using Lap Books in Your School Counseling Program

  1. I have 2 of Counselor Keri's lapbooks and I can not wait to use them this year. I have used lapbooks for other subjects and the kids LOVE them. I agree with all 6 reasons for using lapbooks listed in this article and I really think that they will be the next big thing in counseling. Lisa Landy

  2. Hi Keri! I have all your lapbooks and will be starting to implement them after Christmas break. Quick question…. Do you make a book in one session or over the course of a few sessions? I think I’ll need to break it up for a few of my students as they tend to take their time coloring.

    1. Hey Lesley! I’m sorry I’m getting back to you so late – I’ve been traveling all of break and somehow missed it. It depends on the lapbook. For something like Worry Warriors, family changes, or mindfulness, i do it over the course of group or individual sessions. For for bully bees, expressing frustration, empathy or some of the more narrowly defined topics, I’ll do those in one lesson/session depending on time. I think 45 min is probably the minimum as most take about an hour to fully discuss and assemble. If I’m shorter on time, I just try to go in with all pieces already cut out and divided so students can just attach and interact. I hope this helps!! Feel free to email me any time if you have more questions!

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