Feeling Check-in: Eggceptionally Emotional Eggs

With all of my individual counseling students, I always do a feeling check-in at the beginning and the end of our session. I sometimes do this with small groups, depending on the nature of the group. I’m not necessarily using it for a data measurement, so I like to switch up how I do the check-in depending on the season just to keep it fun for the students! 

In the springtime, I like to use my Eggceptionally Emotional Eggs! I’m definitely not an artist, but the kiddos are not judgmental of my drawing skills 😉 The students choose an egg that matches how they are feeling and tell me why that egg matches them and/or what’s been going on that resulted in them feeling that way. Before they leave, they choose again, and sometimes they’ll write about the feeling on a strip of paper and put it inside the egg for me to read later. I love this activity because it encourages students to label feelings and also gives them some eggstra (see what I did there?) practice identifying facial eggspressions (too much?).

This group is my favorite 🙂
If you make these, I definitely suggest painting over the faces with clear nail polish after they dry! The first time I made these eggs, they looked great, but the faces faded after about a year (this might be related to the incredibly humid environment here!). But since I redid the faces and painted over, they’ve lasted much longer!

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