Valentine's Day School Counseling Resource Roundup

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and this is a great time to remind students how much they are LOVED. I've gathered some of my favorite activities and resources that I've found on Pinterest below - there are so many fun ideas for small groups, classroom guidance, and bulletin boards!

1. Pocket Hearts from Cutting Tiny Bites:  these would be so great for students who need an extra reminder that someone cares about them!

2. Valentine's Day Sensory Bottles from Little Bins for Little Hands: this looks like a fun small group activity! 

3. Valentine's Day Conversation Starters and Writing Prompts from Wendy Baker-Thinking IQ An amazing free resource to get your students talking!

4. Recipe for a Happy Heart: I love this door decor - it would also make a great bulletin board!

5. Catch the Love Monsters self-esteem folder game from Counselor Keri

6. Zen Valentines Day Cards from The Counseling Teacher Brandy Thompson: what a fun, relaxing way to spread some love!

7. Love Lamps from Bath Activities for Kids: this looks mesmerizing!

8. Selfless Love bulletin board 

9. RAK Cards from Counselor Up what a sweet way to spread kindness!

10. Self Esteem Builder Bottle from Clicky Chick Creates: this looks like a great girls group activity or even a classroom guidance activity!

11. Bubble Valentines from The Girl Creative: I love this non-food idea for valentine gifts!

12. All iLove About You Writing Project from EduKate and Inspire This looks like a great activity and self-esteem booster!

13. Valentine Sensory Bottles from Two-DaLoo: another great small group activity!

14. Printable Valentine's Day Cards - these are so cute! Love the mazes on the back!

15. Be My Heathy Valentine from Bilingual Learner - what an important topic for teen dating!

What do you do to celebrate Valentine's Day with your students?

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