School Counseling Minute Meetings for Emerging Readers

I am seeing questions about "minute meetings" all over Facebook and finding lots of great resources on Pinterest! I first heard of minute meetings a few years back from Danielle Schultz on her fabulous blog.

I am finally in a position to be able to set up something like this, and I needed a way to conduct the meetings quickly AND adapt it for emerging readers. Enter Google Forms! I whipped up this quick assessment using clipart that I've purchased to get students involved/interested in the process. We all know kids love tablets, so this is a simple way to let them have a little technology time while I get to know them. I'm inserting screenshots of the form below...

This is just a quick way for me to get a general idea of how the student is doing so far, how they perceive home and school, and get an idea of their current level of career awareness. And the best part is.... it only took about 15 minutes to make! I love using this paperless method because a) I don't have to keep up with anything b) obviously more environmentally friendly, and c) all of the data is right at my fingertips thanks to Google!  It's easy to sort and identify students who I need to check in with further (negative feelings at home and/or school).

In case you're relatively new to Google Forms (like me!), I'm adding a couple more screen shots to show you how I used clipart for my question response options:

When you begin a new Google Form, simply type your question. To add a picture with your response options, click the image icon on the right.

You'll then have the option to either upload your picture or simply drag and drop! Easy!

Are you already using Google forms for your minute meetings? I am way behind the times?? Probably :)

**Note: I am unable to distribute this form or copies of it as I have used clipart for which I own only one user license. If you like the clipart above you can snag it on TpT from Rebecca B Designs (emojis), Krista Wallden (thumbs), and EduClips (community helpers)!

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  1. This is great, Keri! I've never thought about using images in my Google forms. Thanks so much for sharing the idea!


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