7 MORE Apps to Use in School Counseling

About a month ago, I posted about 7 apps that are great to use in school counseling for check in/check out, emotion regulation, and more. I heard from a lot of people that they're always looking for more ways to integrate technology into counseling, so I'm back to share 7 more apps that will be awesome additions to your program!

This app has 5 free guided meditations (there are more available for in-app purchase) that encourage sleep, kindness, feelings, focus, and centering. These are perfect for individual counseling or small group counseling!

This app has guided visualizations, meditations, and affirmations that are general or issue-based. The included body scan meditation is perfect for check-ins and cool downs, and there is room for customization with different background sounds and time structures.

This is one of my favorites because you can set up sub-accounts in the app for different students. Students can check in before they begin by identifying their feelings and choose a meditation suitable for their age. You can also select a meditation to do with a whole class rather than an individual!

4. Mind Yeti 
Chances are you've already used Mind Yeti videos, and the app is equally awesome! These student-appropriate meditations are the perfect way to being or end a lesson to bring focus to the group.

5. Mood Tracker
This app is a simple but effective way to track mood over the course of a day, week or more. This is a perfect check-in/check-out app for early elementary students as the faces are simple and easy to recognize. 

This is the free version of a paid app, but it has a lot of value! This is essentially a feelings dictionary where students can identify a basic feeling (i.e. happy) and explore related feelings (i.e. joyful, elated, etc.). This is a fun way to expand emotional vocabulary with students! The paid app offers students space to draw what the feelings look like as well.

7. Q Wunder 
This app is great for Pre-K and Kindergarten students! Students play with a genius monkey, Q, to learn life skills, such as using manners,  and promote emotional intelligence. You can customize the content in Q's world to suit student needs. There is a subscription that opens more content if you like the app!

Have you tried any of these and had success with your students? What other apps are you using?  Let me know in the comments what other apps you are using with your students!

School Counselor Summer Self Care Challenge

We teach it. We preach it. But do we practice it? 

All mental health professionals know the importance of self care, so why do we so often find ourselves burned out and in need of serious rejuvenation? We care, we give, we advocate, we teach, we listen. We need to take care of ourselves too. 

I put together this School Counselor Summer Self Care Challenge in hopes that we can spend some time over the summer caring for ourselves. When the phone isn't ringing and the walkie talkie isn't buzzing, we can take time to truly remember how much self care refreshes our minds, our bodies, and our abilities to keep up with the work flow. My hope is that the daily practice of self care during July will carry over once school begins in August or September. 

Self care is personal, so if the items on this calendar just don't do it for you, pick another activity you enjoy. Just do something for you. These are simply suggestions to get you started on the right foot for a July full of relaxation, joy, and self love. 

If you want to join in with other school counselors participating in the Summer Self Care Challenge, use the hashtag #SCselfcarechallenge on Instagram! I'll be 'gramming my way through the summer @counselorkeri. Click the calendar below to download your (free) copy.

If you want to read more about the importance of self-care for counselors, check out this great article from Counseling Today.

Back to School Gifts for Coworkers

When it's time to head back to school, I always have the same giddy feelings that I had when I was a student heading back to school! There's something about walking to the building again, seeing familiar faces, and wondering what surprises we'll be in for this year. I always like to spread around a bit of my own excitement to coworkers so we can all start the year on the right foot! Whether you're putting together gift for your co-counselor (if we were only all so lucky to have one!), your admin, front office staff, or all of your teachers, hopefully one of these ideas will be of help to you!

If you're creating gifts for just a few coworkers, succulents are a great little treasure. Counselors can't help but cultivate things, right? ;-)

For the flair pen-loving staff members, a couple of brand new pens and a few little sweets are sure to delight!

If you're wanting to create gifts for your whole staff, popcorn is a great budget-friendly treat to wish them a fresh and poppin' new year! I got these little treat boxes at Target for about $0.50 each.

Whether you're new to your building or a familiar face, I always find it goes a long way to make rounds a couple of days before students arrive to get some face time with teachers simply to remind them that you are there to help and support the students. Showing up with goodies in hand is just an added bonus! You can download all of these gift tags for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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